Glaud Solid Wood Desk Organizer & Small Book Shelf



100% Solid Indian Rosewood



If you’re an avid reader and stationary collector in one, then you’ll love the gorgeous design of our Glaud Solid Wood Desk Organizer & Small Book Shelf.


The visually dynamic design of this desk organizer is quite unique. It rises in a vertical direction like a Jenga tower and spans a whopping 20.5” in height. Moreover, the asymmetric shelf placement adds even more interest to its overall aesthetic, which is highlighted twofold by the beautiful wooden grain of the solid Indian rosewood that this small bookshelf has been handcrafted from.


This office organizer is quite ergonomic. It consists of a vertical wooden partition that divides the left and right sides from each other. Both sides consist of two shelves and they’ve been organized in a manner that plays on the symmetry of the overall design.


The two shelves on the left side are spaced vertically so that the top one can be used to feature small items and decor accessories. You can even put your favorite succulent or other tiny plant on there. The button shelf can be used to put small novels, journals, personal diaries, and catalogues.


The shelves on the right side have a smaller gap between them, but you can still outfit them with the books and accessories of your choice. An alarm clock or a small collection of your favorite journals and sticky notes would do the trick.



Special Features:


  • 100% solid Indian rosewood
  • Handcrafted
  • Desk Organizer & Small Book Shelf
  • Gorgeous wood grain
  • 4 shelves of varying heights
  • 20.5” height
  • Heirloom quality
  • Easy maintenance

Additional information

Dimensions 13.25 × 10 × 20.5 in


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